Station One

Station Two

Station Three

Station One - Logan

Location:                                 Phone:

   609 St Rt 664 N                       (740) 385-8569

   Logan, OH 43138


Primary Response Units:

   Medic 201, Medic 203, Medic 204


Speciality/Support Units:

   Rescue/Medic 2, Station Vehicle 208


Coverage Area:

   City of Logan, Union Furnace, Rockbridge,

   Enterprise, Ewing, Gibsonville, Ilesboro,

     Hideaway Hills.



   Falls Twp, Falls Gore Twp, Marion Twp, Good

     Hope Twp, Washington Twp, Western Half of

     Green Twp, Western Half of Starr Twp, Eastern

     Half of Laurel Twp

Station 1 is our Main Station, housing the Chief's Office and Training Areas.  Station 1 is staffed with two 24/7 ALS crews.  Housed here is Medic 2 with extrication equipment the responds to all auto accidents within Hocking County.

Station Two - Laurelville

Location:                                   Phone:

   16194 Maple Street                   (740) 332-1052

   Laurelville, OH 43135


Primary Response Units:

   Medic 205


Coverage Area:

   Village of Laurelville, South Bloomingville



   Salt Creek Twp, Perry Twp, Benton Twp,

     Western Half of Laurel Twp

Station 2 covers the Western side of Hocking County.   Station 2 is staffed with one 24/7 ALS Crew.

Station Three - Carbon Hill

Location:                                  Phone:

   15047 First St                           (740) 753-4330

   Carbon Hill, OH 43111


Primary Response Units:

   Medic 206


Backup Units:

   Medic 207


Coverage Area:

   Carbon Hill, Haydenville, Longstreth, Village

     of Murray City



   Ward Twp, Eastern Half of Starr Twp, Eastern

     Half of Green Twp

Station 3 is our newest station, opened in 2012.  Station 3 is staffed with one 24/7 ALS crew and covers residents and visitors on the Eastern side of Hocking County

Emergency Dial 911 I  Non-Emergency 740-385-8569  I  Fax: 740-385-0822  I  609 St Rt 664N - Logan, OH 43138

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